Bigger role, bigger dream for Angge Tabaquero

ImageDo you still remember that time when you were a kid and you change your mind almost everyday as to what you want to be when you grow up? A Doctor? A Lawyer? An Engineer? A Nurse, maybe? Or the cliche TV/Movie Star?

Do you recall wanting to be all that? Did you have people around you nodding and saying “You can be whatever you want to be?” Good news, I did. Bad news, none of my childhood dream professions came true.

It was a different story, though, for Philippine Women’s Volleyball Team Captain Angeli “Angge” Tabaquero.

The 5’7″ open spiker relates that as far as she can remember, there is nothing she wanted more than to become a volleyball player.

“Tinatanong nila ako nung bata ako kung ano gusto ko maging. Palaging yan ang tanong nila.” said Tabaquero. “Pero isa lang din palagi ang sagot ko: Maging volleyball player ng Pilipinas!”

She mentioned that her love for the sport started when she was in 6th grade and it hasn’t stopped since then.

“Tuloy-tuloy na. Hanggang sa pangarapin kong maglaro sa UST para makasama yung mga idols ko na sina (Mary Jean) Balse and (Venus) Bernal.” she continues. “Pinush ko talaga. Thank God natanggap ako!”

Now, after a very successful collegiate sports career, graduating with 2 UAAP championships tucked under her belt, the ‘Pamewang Queen’ shows no signs of slowing down.

With its newfound fame, Shakey’s V-league and Philippine Super Liga teamed up to make volleyball a year-round event in the country.

And for a passionate athlete like Angge, this kind of attention to the sport has been long overdue.

“Masaya na may konting lungkot. Ang dami na kasing talented players na lumipas.” she quipped. “Pero thankful nonetheless. We are starting to get the exposure that we deserve. The long wait is finally over!”

Now that she has a flourishing career as one of Philippines’ biggest and brightest volleyball stars, it would be safe to assume that all of her dreams have finally come true.Image

But she begs to differ.

“Not yet. Gusto kong makatulong na makilala ulit tayo internationally.” she adds. “Gusto kong ipakita na may ibubuga ang Pilipinas. And this September, we get a chance to do that.”

The ex-Tigress is talking about the upcoming Asian Volleyball Championships wherein she will be flying to Thailand, along with 13 other Filipino volleybelles, to battle it out against the best of the best.

Most of us feel we deserve to rest after seeing our dreams come to life but this feisty lady believes otherwise. For her, this is the perfect time to dream bigger.

“Making it to the pro league is not the ultimate goal. Representing the country internationally and winning should be the best achievement there is for an athlete.” says the team captain confidently to finish the interview.

We can all say that some dreams come true and some don’t. But a story like hers only prove that it is all about wanting it bad enough. Because when you do the things that you love with passion, determination and a sweet, sweet smile like hers, it is inevitable that lady luck will eventually smile back at you.

Making it big in the international volleyball arena may be a long shot for now but having a leader like Angge, who leaps and dreams high like nobody’s business, is the best head start we can all hope for.

All the best, Captain! Fight!


Photos courtesy of Joey Villaluz and DJ Bianca Frost


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