A Sanuk Experience With The Tigresses

One of the perks of being gay is never having to accompany your girlfriend in picking her clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Really. I love fashion but if I have to stand there and act as if I am enjoying the long minutes watching them go through a pile of stuff, I will die.


Then one day, Jeff, a follower/friend of mine, who is a big fan of The Tigresses, said he’s working for a shoe brand and he, out of love for the girls, is willing to give them some free shoes. FREE! I don’t know about you but I’m not one to pass up on an opportunity like this.


So off I go to Sanuk Glorietta with four of my most favorite girls in the world Mela Tunay, Jessey De Leon, Maru Banaticla and Gi Reyes.


And just like any other volleyball game, they were shy at first and needed some warm up. But as soon as they got a hold of those gorgeous sandals (They are not shoes, apparently. They are sandals.) it was chaos!Image


I don’t know how many times I heard them saying “Kuya meron po ba nung size bigger/smaller?” It’s crazy! I realized they are as serious when it comes to picking their footwear as they are with their games.Image


They would literally stand in front of the display rack and stare at these comfy-looking shoes for minutes. I mean, if they were just any girl friends of mine, I would pretend how much I love this item just so they’d pick it already.Image


But that’s the thing. They are not just any other girls. They are responsible, confident, powerful, beautiful and influential student-athletes. They won’t be getting freebies like this if they aren’t, right? 


So I let them do their thing while I also looked around this cool store where there is green everywhere. Green is my favorite color by the way. It calms me.


Anyway, I found this amazing pair that I swear I would come back to next pay day. It’s called Standard Coyote Tan and I can see myself wearing it everyday. EVERYDAY. I love it!Image


After an hour or so, they still haven’t made up their mind. I can’t blame them though. There are a lot of good stuff in that place. 


And look who dropped by! Mother of the Year Awardee, Tita Lora Laine De Leon in the house!Image


Later on, I found out that Sanuk is a Thai word that means fun. How perfect can it be? How many times have you heard commentators saying on TV that these girls are dangerous when they are having fun inside the court? Right. A lot. The tagline “Smile.. Pass It On!” is perfectly embodied by these fun-loving ladies. Seriously.Image


They finished choosing in a couple of minutes. You will not believe the stories they have shared while they were tearing the whole store apart. Funny stuff about some players. 


Mela picked this item called Mariner. Very chic and apt for her personality. Girly and feisty. With her, you get the best of both worlds.Image


Stylish and chill Chum Army for our  pretty girl-next-door Gi. Image


This very girly Messenger Natural was my personal choice for Maru. Nothing fancy because she can rock anything.Image


And lastly, Jessey opted for this androgynous looking shoes called Anthem. It looked amazing on her. Ugh.Image


Of course the Sanuk staff will not miss the chance for a photo op with our girls. The boys were very accommodating! And cute!!! Okay. TMI. Haha!Image


Waited for a couple of minutes for the papers from the main office to be received and poof! The free sandals are in the bag! Yey! Happy kid!Image


Thank you so much Sanuk! My girls are really happy! Sometimes, athletes like them need comfy shoes after all the beating their feet gets on training. And your products are perfect for that! Try and get a pair guys! And it would be highly appreciated if you can get yours from their Glorietta branch. Again. Cute and warm staff. 😉 Image


P.S. These are just free shoes because they love the girls. Nothing official yet. But wouldn’t it be amazeballs if we see ads like this? KILIG! Image